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Date(s) - 08/04/2020
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Campus Martius Museum

Cost: $5

The American Revolution was the most important event in our nation’s history. What began as a protest movement against relatively minor taxes in the 1760s became by 1776 a movement for independence. By the time the new century arrived, the Revolution had spawned a federal system of government and a bill of rights that remain at the heart of the American system today. The chaotic nature of the present-day behooves all citizens to be familiar with those ideas that drove the Founders to establish our republic and set out on the greatest experiment in self-government in history.

Re-Join us for a series of six lectures on the American founding period presented by Veritas Academy Co-Founder and history instructor, Kevin Ritter. The first two lectures took place in March. The last 4 will continue in July & August. This series will be held at Campus Martius Museum.

Advanced Registration Required as we have limited seating!

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Lecture 1 – March 7 (Sat): British America, the Colonial Experience

Lecture 2 – March 8 (Sun): French & Indian War, Declaration of Independence

Lecture 3 – July 28 (Tue): The Declaration as Literary Document, Revolutionary War

Lecture 4 – July 30 (Thur): Articles of Confederation, Constitutional Convention

Lecture 5 – August 4 (Tue): Federalist Era (Washington, Adams & the New Government)

Lecture 6 – August 6 (Thur): The Re-founding of America (Jeffersonian Revolution)