The Ohio River Museum and W.P. Snyder are Currently Closed as we await construction of the New Ohio River Museum.

Tour Guide — towboat W.P. Snyder Jr.

Show school children and tourists how the Snyder worked. The Snyder is a National Historic Landmark and the last intact steam-powered “pool-type” stern-wheeled towboat in the United States. If you don’t know your starboard from your port, that’s okay! We train and provide all the information you need.

Activity Leader

Lead school programs with hands-on for students that supplement the teachings that focus on Math and Science. Training is provided to lead all activities.

Ohio River Museum Programs:

  • Stream Table: how streams are formed, flood plain, and effects of erosion, etc.
  • Enviroscape Watershed Model
  • Flatboats, Tows, and More Boats
  • History of Wildlife of Ohio
  • Fresh water mussels, invasive species and the historic button industry!